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Chief's Message:

On behalf of the men and women of the Lake Dallas Police Department, I welcome you to our website.  Our website is one of the places that we communicate with the citizens and a place that you can find additional information about the Lake Dallas Police Department.

The mission of the Lake Dallas Police Department is to serve our citizens and protect the public by providing the highest quality of police services with the understanding that we must be accountable, transparent, and responsible in our actions and policies.  Our goal is to build on the great relationships our officers have made in the community and always be working to preserve and enhance the public trust placed in our officers and civilian employees.  In addition to our community engagement, the Lake Dallas Police Department also relies on detailed crime analysis to determine how to best allocate our resources.

Our website, our social media, and our community engagement will be some of the ways that the Lake Dallas Police Department will be communicating directly with the public.  Effective policing takes a cooperative effort from both the police department and the community based on trust and mutual respect.  We will be working every day to achieve this goal.  We welcome your feedback because your thoughts and observations are very important to us.

Daniel Carolla
Chief of Police

  1. Alarm Permits

    Chapter 38 of the City of Lake Dallas Code of Ordinances requires a permit for the operation of an alarm system.

  2. Anonymous Tips Form

    Report tips and crime information to the police department anonymously.

  3. Animal Services

    The mission of the Lake Dallas Animal Services Department is to promote positive animal health, assist with responsible pet ownership, prevent the spread of animal borne diseases and protect the public from nuisance animals.

  4. Commendation for Police Officer or Employee

  5. Complaint Against Police Officer or Employee

    Process to submit a complaint against a police employee.

  6. Contact Us

    Submit a question or comment regarding alarm permits, open record requests, or a concern in Lake Dallas.

  7. Employment Opportunities

    View the current employment opportunities and find out about Human Resources policies for the City of Lake Dallas.

  8. Open Records Request

    Submit a request for an open record or for a background check to the Police Department.

  9. Safety Tips

    Find safety tips regarding the holidays and shopping.

  10. Sex Offender Registry

    The Department of Public Safety has created searches for Texas Public Sex Offender Registry. These searches allow the public to search the registry for sex offenders registered in Texas.