Vision Lake Dallas 2030 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Lake Dallas is a small community uniquely situated between Lewisville Lake and Interstate 35 E in Denton County, Texas. The city is known for its unique lakeside living and small-town feel within the heart of the expansive Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. As of 2016, the population of Lake Dallas was 7,881 people and the city limits encompassed 2.7 square miles.Despite the community’s small size, there are a variety of assets that are often found in larger cities such as a lake, marina, private airport, commuter rail line, and interstate highway. As the City of Lake Dallas continues to mature, community leaders recognized that they needed a singular vision to provide direction for the future success of the community. Consequently, city leaders initiated a comprehensive plan process in mid-2017 called Lake Dallas Vision 2030 to serve as a road map for future development and redevelopment in the city. 

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The Vision 2030 plan was the result of a nine-month process to work with stakeholders, community members, and staff to develop a plan that addressed their concerns and desires for the future of Lake Dallas. The city contracted with Halff Associates, a planning and engineering consulting firm, to lead the development of the plan. The process contained three major phases: Phase 1- the Project Initiation and Status of Lake Dallas; Phase 2 - City-Wide Vision Plan; and, Phase 3 - Documentation and Implementation.

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