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Thousand Oaks Park Rental

  1. All applications are subject to review. A member of city staff will reach out to confirm approval and collect payment at that time. Fees are based on the master fee schedule and are as follows: 

    City Park $200/Deposit $30/hr $15/hr/non-profits;civic

    Community Park $50 Deposit $20/hr $10/hr/non-profits,civic

    River Oaks Park $50 Deposit $20/hr $10/hr/non-profits,civic

    Thousand Oaks Park $50 Deposit $20/hr $10/hr/non-profits,civic

    Willow Grove Pavillion $75/Deposit $75/day $15/hr/non-profits;civic

    City Park Soccer Field $1.75 per non-resident child

  2. Park Rules

    Please keep all pets/animals on a leash for the safety of others. 

    No discharging of fireworks, firearms, airguns, bows and arrows, or hitting of golf balls. 

    Please do not disturb trees or aother plants by cutting or gathering firewood. 

    No vehicle shall be driven or parked over or across curbs, sidewalks, grass or lawn within any park area unless signs permit. 

    Please do not practice, carry on, conduct or solicit for any trade, occupation, business or profession or to circulate any petition of whatsoever kind or character without approval of the city. 

    Please gather trash and take with you or dispose of in proper receptacles. 

    Overnight camping is prohibited on any park property unless and in the manner so posted. 

    Please do not swim, bathe, wade in or pollute the water of any fountain, pond or other water supply within a city park.

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