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During these unprecedented times, many of us are facing economic challenges and are looking for ways to save money and lower our monthly expenses. The Texas Power Switch is a program that makes it easy to lower your electricity bills, especially as we enter the hot summer months.

With the approval of the City Council, the City of Lake Dallas is officially working with the Texas Power Switch to help residents save money on their electric bills.

Electricity Auction Results

The electricity auction was a great success and the Texas Power Switch secured two plans with rates 22% below the market average on the day of the auction. Texpo Energy won and are offering two options: a 12-month plan and a 24-month plan.  People who accept and switch to the 24-month plan are expected to save an average of $496 per year.  Register for free before June 24th to find out if you can lower your rates. www.texaspowerswitch.com/lakedallas.