1. City Park

    City Park is the center of activity for Lake Dallas sports. The Lake Cities Soccer Association has created 6 soccer fields at the park and uses the field in the spring and fall. Other youth sports programs also use the field for their seasonal games.

  2. Community Park

    Despite being the first park in Lake Dallas, Community Park is almost a local’s secret. Tucked behind the Lake Cities Library, the park is a quiet and peaceful location to rest or read a book.

  3. River Oaks Park

    River Oaks Park, located in the Thousand Oaks Neighborhood, is a family-friendly park for all ages.

  4. Thousand Oaks Park

    Thousand Oaks Park consists of approximately 10.2 acres in a woodland setting with fishing and a wildlife pond.

  5. Willow Grove Park

    Willow Grove Park offers a scenic location for an afternoon picnic, a place to fish, overnight camping or just to relax in nature.