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Thousand Oaks Park


  1. Fishing
  2. Pond
  3. Walking Track


Thousand Oaks Park consists of approximately 10.2 acres in a woodland setting with fishing and a wildlife pond. A natural storm drainage creek bisects the property. Situated between single-family housing developments on 3 sides and a road to the south that borders the Army Corps of Engineers lake property, this park is the natural drainage for a large portion of the city into Lake Lewisville.

 Neighborhood Park

The park is accessed primarily by walking and bicycling. There is limited on-street parking. Because of limited access this property is described as a neighborhood park. This park serves about 630 single-family residences within a 1/2 mile radius.

The park was deeded to the city as part of the Thousand Oaks subdivision development in 1995. The park is mostly undeveloped, with a large portion not cleared of brush and virtually impassable and a section that is mostly ravine and not able to be developed. There are a large number of trees, many which are very good specimens. The area that is clear is primarily mowed underbrush or dirt.


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Thousand Oaks Pond

A small pond is the focus of the park that has small fish, turtles, farm ducks and visits from many bird and animal species. Fishing is allowed. There is no wading, swimming, or floating allowed. The pond source is storm runoff backed up by a manmade earthen dam. The pond will overflow through the park to the creek during heavy rains. There is a dirt walking trail (755 feet) around the pond and a concrete sidewalk (469 feet) along the northern border of the park.

Recent improvements include pond renovations which involved cleaning out the pond and installing a new aerator pump.

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