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Community Park


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About the Park

Despite being the 1st park in Lake Dallas, Community Park is almost a local’s secret. Tucked behind the Lake Cities Library, the park is a quiet and peaceful location to rest or read a book. Considering the number of nearby restaurants, Community Park is a great place to bring your takeout lunch, or have a spontaneous picnic. Newly installed and hand-painted bird boxes decorate the tree canopy, courtesy of Girl Scout Troop 6218. 

Grassy Field

Organized sports teams will find that other City parks are better geared to their needs. There is a large grassy-field at Community Park where you can toss a frisbee, practice new soccer skills with a few other folks, or watch your children play.  

 Playground, Picnic Tables & Accessibility Services

Children’s play equipment and a couple of picnic tables are situated near shade trees. The area is not completely enclosed by fencing, but it is set back from the street. Parking arrangements make it easy to access the play area and picnic tables. Those with physical limitations, or children-in-tow, might enjoy this park’s convenience. Parking is available for a half dozen vehicles.

 Local Library

The Lake Cities Library is also on this property and has recently undergone total renovation. Though it appears to be the same on the outside, the library interior has doubled in size to 5,000 square feet and their collection of resources expands in sync with Lake Cities population growth. Since 1975, this independent library has served the residents of the Lake Cities.

In addition to traditional services, the library is a place to send a fax, make photocopies, use the internet, check-out a DVD or audio-book, update your resume, prepare for a meeting, or use Notary Public services. Story time, ESL classes, Internet for Beginners classes, and other programs are held regularly. A complete schedule is available on the Lake Cities Library website. The library is open Tuesday through Saturday. Call 940-497-3566 for their specific hours.


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