Spanish Class

Beginner Spanish Class

What: Free beginner Spanish Class

When: Starting in June

How Often: Three days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2:15pm.

Where: Lake Dallas Public Library

Who: Teens and adults

Why: Spanish is awesome!

Note: Also see our children's Spanish Storytime - Spanish Songs and Stories - at 3:30pm on Wednesdays

More Information

This class is completely free. It takes place at the Lake Dallas Public Library.

Textbook: Must Know High School Basic Spanish by Jean Yates, PhD.  Copies of this book will be available for checkout for the duration of the class.  You may request a textbook for checkout in advance of the class.  Books are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Materials: If you miss a class or are unable to attend the live class, lesson materials can be found here.  Click on the folder for the current week and then click on the folder for the current lesson. The current week should be colored red and materials are available as a document or PDF.  If you have trouble, the materials can also be sent via email.

The class will meet three times a week for 45 minute classes for 14 weeks.  There will likely be a break between week 7 and week 8.  If you are unable to attend one of the days, an alternative may be available; email your concerns to the email below.

Registration is not required but it is encouraged.

For details and registration email: