Drainage Utility Program


On January 13, 2022, Lake Dallas City Council passed an ordinance to implement a Municipal Drainage Utility fee and program, which impacts all residential and commercial properties located within the city limits of the City of Lake Dallas (City). Funds collected through this program will be based on a rate that is assessed on each property owner’s eligible property and under the criteria established by the ordinance. 

The Drainage Utility fund will provide solutions to improve drainage services throughout the City. The fee collection is estimated to begin in October 2022. 

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ERU Calculation

- Definitions:

Impervious surfaces that are calculated = home, driveway, walkway, shed, patio, concrete, asphalt, gravel etc. 

Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU)- means an area of impervious coverage on an improved lot or tract that is generally equal to the average impervious area on a single-family lot or tract within the city limits. For purposes of this article: 1 ERU = 3,220 square feet of impervious area.

Impervious Surface/area- a surface that has been compacted or covered with a layer of material so that it is highly resistant to infiltration by water, including, but not limited to, compacted soils with a surface treatment, buildings, pavement, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and private ingress/egress roadways, gravel, crushed stone, etc.

Municipal Drainage Utility- is a program established by Chapter 552, Subchapter C, Texas Local Government Code, as amended (the "Act"). The city will provide storm water drainage for all real property within its boundaries upon payment of the determined drainage charges, as defined in the Act.

Residential Properties:

All residential properties will be charged $9.50/month or $114.00/year.

Non-Residential Properties:

Each non-residential property will be charged per ERU/total sqft. of impervious surface.

1 ERU = 3,220sqft. of impervious area. 

(Example:)  25,000 (total impervious area) ÷ 3,220sqft. (1ERU)

 = 7.76 (total ERU’s)

7.76 (total ERU’s)  X   $9.50  =  $73.75 per month (total assessed fee)