Utility Permit Applications

A permit is not valid until the required fees have been paid. If applicable, amended permits are not released without paying an additional fee. Any work commencing before a permit is issued is subject all fees being doubled.

Submitting Permits

Please email all permit applications to Glenda Cowling.

Right-of-Way / Excavation Permits

No excavation permit shall be issued unless a written application for the issuance of an excavation permit is submitted to the city. The written application shall state the name and the address of the applicant; the nature, location and purpose of the excavation; and the date of commencement and the date of completion of the excavation. The application shall be accompanied by plans showing the extent and dimensions of the proposed excavation work and the location of the excavation work. The city may approve the application and plan or make such changes as necessary to serve the best interest of the city, and the issuance of a permit shall be conditioned upon performance of the work as shown on the approved application and plan.

(Ordinance 60, § 1, art. 2, 1974; Code 1989, § 12.04.020)

Resource: Codes Pertaining to Excavation

Download: Right of Way Permit Application