Mayor of Lake Dallas

Special Message - January 10, 2022

Fellow Citizens,

I wanted to give you a brief update on the latest Covid-19 information shared during the Denton County Covid-19 meeting with Judge Andy Eads.  New cases are on the rise, and they suspect they are higher than reported due to positive home tests that go unreported. The link below will connect you to the most current information and helpful links with information on Covid-19 testing sites and the latest press releases.

Denton County Covid Information

 I've had questions from citizens wanting to know if there is the possibliities of another shut down with the rising numbers. This is not a county decision but a mandate that would have to come from Governor Greg Abbott.  There is no mention of a shut down on the Governor's website from the January 4 press release on Covid-19.  

 Office of Governor Greg Abbott

 Please stay healthy and safe during this time and take the necessary precations that are best for you and your familiy.   I know we will continue to look out for eachother, pray for eachother, and offer help when we can; because that's who we are in Lake Dallas. 


Mayor Andi Nolan

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