Mayor of Lake Dallas

Special Message - September 30, 2021

Hello Fellow Citizens:

 I was at a meeting recently, where elected officials around the region were sharing about what makes their city a great place to live.  As I listened I was reminded that we live in a city that offers a lifestyle that many of us have come to appreciate and value. 

I reached out to some folks and asked just what they like best about living in Lake Dallas. Not surprisingly, streets did not make the list. (Street talk coming soon!) However, what did make the list from actual Lake Dallas citizens will not surprise you. These are in no particular order.

 The Lake and Willow Grove Park:

 We are blessed to have lake access. We have a full service family run marina. We have camp grounds that are enjoyed by locals as well as out of town campers. They enjoy RV and primitive campsites under the trees while getting a perfect view of the lake. There is a walking trail that has a bird watching area at the end and plenty of opportunities to see various wildlife. Let’s not forget our soon to be improved boat ramp and fishing pier, along with our own local bait and tackle shop to get you ready to fish.

 Lake Dallas Events:

 Our 4th of July event is one of the best around! This year was highly attended and throughly enjoyed. We have our Trunk or Treat, which will return next year, our Christmas tree lighting, and one of the only Mardi Gras celebrations around. We have three parades a year that are highly attended and draw families from our neighboring communities. When we attend these events, we see our friends and neighbors, reminding us of the quality of life you get in our small community.

 Parks and Trails:

 We have Our city park that host kids sports, tennis, and hopefully soon, Pickle ball. We have a total of 5 parks to enjoy. We also have the DCTA rail trail connecting us to other cities and giving people including a local run/walk group a safe place to be active.

Local Business and a Great Location:

In Lake Dallas you can eat Barbecue, Mexican food, Cajun food, creations from a local chef, great burgers, quiche and fresh sandwiches, and of course delicious cupcakes. We have gift shops and clothing boutiques, a library, the Spirit of Christmas, the American Legion and VFW, our local hardware store, a wedding venue, hair and nail salons, auto parts, a car wash, a hotel, and many other businesses. You can even take up boxing. When we want to have access to big city amenities close by we are no more than 45 minutes away from professional sports, museums, shopping, concerts, zoos, botanical gardens, and universities. We are close to two major airports and a casino, but yet we still get to enjoy that small town life by the lake.

The People and the Small Town Feel: 

Here’s what those of us in Lake Dallas KNOW about our citizens. We care about eachother! During “Snowmagedon” our city pulled together to help those in need, even though many were having their own hardships. We had local business and people from the surrounding communities pitch in to help too. It was beautiful! Recently a homeowner was in need of help, and once again, everyone pulled together to help. This is who the citizens of Lake Dallas really are. We wave and say “Hi” to each other and visit at the Farmer’s Market. We attend church, school and city events, and our kids sporting events together. We give our neighbors without cars a ride, we feed the pets when the owner is in the hospital, we roll our neighbors trash cans back up to the house for them, and we rallied to keep our small businesses and local restaurants going when it looked like they may close during the shut down. This is what is so great about Lake Dallas! 

The needs of our city, including street talk, will be discussed in upcoming Mayor’s Corners, but this time I wanted to celebrate our city and the people that make it special.


Mayor Andi Nolan

Archived message from July 16, 2021