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Winners of the 2021 Art and Poetry Contest

Children: Photography

  • First Place: Raigen Locker


  • First Place: Raigen Locker
  • Second Place: Daniel S. Esparza

Juvenile: Poetry

  • First Place: Jonathan Moore

Juvenile: Art

  • First Place: Sadie Ryan Sanders
  • First Place: Madison Forman
  • Second Place: Sofia Casanova
  • Third Place: Kenzie Forman
  • Runner Up: Chloe Runyan

Young Adult Poetry

  • First Place: Olivia Witter

Adult Photography

  • First Place: Kassie Locker

Adult Art

  • First Place: Alicia Yates

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Look through the tabs to find out more about Lake Dallas's local artists!  Including bios, interviews, where to find their books or art, and more!  Lake Dallas has a lot of local talent just waiting to be discovered!  Look below to see where to find local authors' books in the library.

If you ARE a local artist, feel free to reach out to the Lake Dallas Public Library. In order to be featured on our website, please fill out this form and either turn it in at the library during our regular business hours, or email it to lakedallasstaff@lakedallas.com. Include 'local artist' in your subject line.

Local Author's Bookshelf

Eleanore Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon

All the books featured here are available to be checked out.  Click on the item to follow a link to its page in our online catalog.  You can find them on the shelf or you can place a hold on these items to check out and then pick them up at the front desk when they are available.