Poetry & Art Contest

Poetry and Art Contest

What: Poetry and Art Contest - Submit your poetry, art, and/or photography for a chance to win!  One entry per category per person.  Please fill out a submission form with each entry.

Who: Age groups - Children (age 4-8), Juvenile (age 9-12), Teen (age 13-17), Adult (age 18+)

When: Submit your entries by July 31.

Where: Turn your entries in with a submission form to the Lake Dallas Public Library, or email to lakedallasstaff@lakedallas.com..

Why: Winners may be shared in a video to showcase Lake Dallas artists!

Submissions forms are found HERE.

Rules of Entry

  • To submit your poem, artwork, or photograph, you must fill out and sign an entry formand submit it in person or by email to the Lake Dallas Public Library.
    • In person: Fill out an entry form for each entry and submit at the Lake Dallas Library.
    • by Email: Email a digital copy of your poetry, artwork, or photograph to lakedallasstaff@lakedallas.com.
      • In the subject line, write 'Poetry and Art Contest'
      • In the body of the email, include the following information:
        •  Name
        •  Age (adults may enter 'adult' or '18+')
        • Type(s) of entry (poem, artwork, photograph)
      •  Attach a PDF of your signed entry form, one per entry.
      • Attach your poem, artwork, or photograph.  All entries must be attached in one of the following formats: pdf, jpeg, png, doc
  •  No more than one entry per category per participant.
  •   All entries must be turned in by July 31.
  •   Each age group will have the following prizes: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place
  •  Winning entries will be published in a Lake Dallas Community Art Video.  
  •  The winners will be announced and the video made available at a presentation ceremony.
  •  In submitting an entry, participants agree to allow their entry to be published by the library and/or shared with the public.  Any material gains related to the publication go to the library.  Publication is not guaranteed with entry.  Participants maintain their rights to their entries in the case of future publication.  Participants under the age of 18 must have permission of a parent/guardian to enter.
  •  All entries must be original to the artist submitting the work.
  •  Failure to abide by these rules may result in disqualification.