Winter Storm Update

As the snow begins to melt, we understand many critical plumbing repairs will be needed. The City of Lake Dallas is prioritizing HVAC/plumbing permits through March 12 by expediting the process and reducing associated fees. Ensure you have completed the Residential Building Permit Application and Contractor Registration, including contractors’ license and insurance. We will approve and issue your permit in approximately 1 hour so work can begin ASAP. 

Both forms can be filled out online and returned to

A list of Plumbers and HVAC specialists already registered with the City of Lake Dallas can be found HERE.


Permits are not valid until the completed application is submitted and all applicable fees are paid. If applicable, amended permits are not released without paying an additional fee. Any work commencing before a permit is issued is subject to fees being doubled. 

Fee information can be found on the City's Master Fee Schedule

Submitting Permits

Please email all permit applications to