Other Permit Applications

A permit is not valid until the required fees have been paid. If applicable, amended permits are not released without paying an additional fee. Any work commencing before a permit is issued is subject all fees being doubled.

Submitting Permits

Please email all permit applications to Glenda Cowling.

  1. Alarm
  2. Itinerant Merchant
  3. Water Well

An alarm user required by federal, state, county or municipal statue, regulations, rule or ordinance to install, maintain and operate an alarm system shall be subject to a permit designated as a special alarm user’s permit.

A special alarm user’s permit for a system which has three false alarms in a permit year shall not be subject to the alarm permit revocation procedure but shall be subject to the service fees assessed under this article for false alarms.

(Ordinance 06-30, § 1, 7-27-06)


The fee for an alarm permit is $50 per year and permits may be obtained at anytime from the Police Department or you may download the Alarm Permit Application and apply by mail at:

The City of Lake Dallas
Attn: Police Communications
212 Main Street
Lake Dallas, TX 75065

Download: Alarm Permit Application

Permits for all existing alarms are issued during December of each year and  remain valid throughout the next calendar year. New alarms installed during the calendar year will be billed at a pro-rated share and will be renewed each December for the following year. Applications for existing alarms must be returned before December 31. Checks should be made payable to the City of Lake Dallas.