Complaint Against Police Officer or Employee

In order to ensure and maintain the integrity of the Lake Dallas Police Department, citizens are provided a process to submit a complaint against a police employee. Once a complaint is submitted, the procedure allows for a prompt and efficient investigation that is compliant with all laws governing complaints against police. The severity of the allegation determines how the complaint is processed and that is explained in the complaint packet. Minor complaints may be handled as easily as a discussion with a supervisor and more serious allegations of misconduct are investigated by an Internal Affairs Supervisor. A complaint that could result in a disciplinary or legal action against an employee is governed by State Law and must be submitted in writing, signed by the person making the complaint (the affected party), and signed by a Notary. The complaint package fully explains the manner in which a complaint is to be submitted. If it is preferred to first discuss the matter with a police supervisor, contact the department and you will be directed to a commanding officer. 

Print Formal Complaint