Open Records Request

Records that are ready to be picked-up must be done by appointment only. 

Citizens may submit an Open Records Request to the City of Lake Dallas in one of the following ways:
  • Online through Report a Concern or emailed to the Records Department.
  • Faxed to 940-321-6780
  • In person anytime. Request forms can be found on the ledge of the records window. Request forms can be dropped through the window. 
  • Please include all available information in your request case number, date, time, location, etc. Not all records will be available for immediate release.  


Fees comply with the Office of the Attorney General. If your request is sizable, a quote will be provided.   
  • $0.10 cent standard copy paper over 20 pages.
  • $6 for accident reports
  • $1 for CDs / $3 for DVDs
  • $15/hr for any video requiring redactions