Types of Donations

There are several ways to donate to the Lake Dallas Animal Shelter. You may:
  • Donate supplies
  • Donate your time by volunteering
  • Give gift cards to pet supply stores
  • Make a financial donation

Financial Donations

We depend on donations to care for sick or injured animals that could be adoptable. All donations go towards preventative care, medical testing and medications to treat injured and sick animals that we rescue.

We accept financial donations by cash, check, money order, Visa and Mastercard. Donations may be made in the following ways.

By Mail

Include a check made payable to Roz Sleigh Memorial Animal Rescue Fund and mail to:
City of Lake Dallas - Animal Services
212 Main Street
Lake Dallas, TX 75065
In Person
Lake Dallas City Hall
Police Department
212 Main Street
Lake Dallas, TX 75065

Lake Dallas Animal Shelter

687 N Lakeview Drive
Lake Dallas, TX 75065
Animals at the shelter welcome individuals volunteering time to help and give attention to the animals. If you are interested in donating your time, visit the volunteers page.

Donating Supplies
The shelter is always in need of the following items:
  • Bleach and cleaning supplies
  • Cat food
  • Kitten and puppy food